The Brays

Our family is important to us.
I, Waylen, have been married twice and have a total of six children. The two youngest are the offspring of Cherlyn and I.
They are: (oldest to youngest)

Waylen, who is a professional webmaster and owns

Vicki Walker, who owns The Barber Shop, Northbridge Shopping Center, at 1209-1 Sam Rittenburg Blvd. in Charleston, SC.

Steve, who is a painter and all around handyman who was injured in a fall and is in Alabama currently working toward rehab and retraining..

Kim Wrenn, who is a Department Analyst at University Medical Associates, in Charleston, SC.

John Mark, who is a LT in the United States Navy and is currently posted in Hawaii.

Aree Oscar, who is owner of and is working on renovating a home into a Coffee Shop here in Stamford, NY.

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