The Brays
John Mark

I have sought to trace my roots with the assistance of many people. I have always been interested in history in general and that history to which I am linked in particuliar. I believe God designed us to obviously inherit the basis of our nature. First of all, we inherit from God, our Creator, our spiritual nature. Then, we inherit from our first father, Adam, our self-centered sinful nature. The actions of the past clearly shape the present and passes on into the future. I list here my understanding of the people from whom I have descended.

The Bray Line

updated 15 March 2004

In direct line, the earliest ancestor I know of named Bray is:
William Bray, born in North Carolina. He married, Christiana A. who was born in Georgia. They lived for a time in what is now Stewart County, GA, and then moved on to Pike County, AL.
In 1860 they had the following children living on their farm:
John Newton - born 1840, Stewart Co. GA.
Eda A. - born 1844
Green B. and Rasberry (male twins) - born 1845
Jefferson - born 1854
Sarah J. - born 1858
Mary M. - born 1860

I am descended from John Newton Bray. It was seeking information about his Civil War service which brought me into the fascinating world of genealogy. During the years of 1861-65 John Newton Bray served in the 15th Alabama honorably. He fought in 35 major battles and was wounded many times. He was at Gettysburg and Chickamauga two of the bloodiest battles of the war. He fought as part of Longstreet's Corp. John was present at the surrender of the Army of Northern Virginia at Appomatox Court House, VA.
Upon returning from the war John Newton found and married the sweetheart he had left behind, Pamelia Cristina Downing (Downey?). She was bornAugust 9, 1846 and died December 10, 1932. Her mother was Estelle Downing (Downey).
They married in Pike County, AL, near Troy, December 20, 1866.
There was never any explanation of the months which had passed before John came home.
They had the following children: (born in Walton Co. FL)
she married Charles Carter.
- born January 9, 1874 died February 10, 1883.
George Walker - born March 30, 1879
Lena - born March 16, 1887,  died March 24, 1887
Aree Oscar Bray - born December 10, 1888,  died March 18, 1965
unnamed twin - born December 10, 1888, died at or soon after birth.

My grandfather was Aree Oscar Bray. He married Ola Crockroft in Arcadia, DeSoto County, FL, March 6, 1910. Ola had been born there March 1, 1890. Ola was the daughter of Henry Columbus Crockroft and Irene Hall.
Ola died May 8, 1967 in Orange County, FL.
They had the following children:
Eldiva - born October 11, 1912. She married Howard Taft Carpenter January 11, 1934. They had three children: Ivadell Sylvia, Marion Leaola and Linda Noreen.
Hubert Aree - born January 28, 1915, died May 17, 1995. He married Doshia Ellafair Kelley May 7, 1934. Doshia was born in Dorcas, Okaloosa County, FL, October 27, 1913.
Jamie - born and died October 28, 1917.
Alfred Quinton - born July 16, 1920, died January 20, 1985. He married Bonnie Vera Messer. They had four children: John Larry, Gracie Nell, Gwen L., and Doris Carol.
Viola - born August 9, 1926. She married Damon Brown and they had two children: Richard and Phyllis.

My father was Hubert Aree Bray. He and Doshia had the following children:
Colleen - born to a previous marriage to Doshia, September 8, 1932, died April 12, 1989. She had four children David, Paula, Keith and Michael.
Lawrence Aree - born February 13, 1935
Waylen Oscar - born November 1, 1938
Joyce Elaine - born August 27, 1942, died April 11, 1994

I am Waylen Oscar Bray. I married Gladys Sue Jennings, May 27, 1955. We had four children:
Waylen Len - born March 10, 1956
Vicki Zurenda - born September 6, 1957
Steven Edward - born January 16, 1962
Kimberly Darlene - born May 15, 1963
(Waylen & Sue were separated in 1962 and divorced January 1963)
I married Cherlyn Patricia Banks, February 17, 1963. Cherlyn was born July 1, 1945 in Mitchell Co. GA. She is the daughter of Norman Haywood Banks and Lunnie Frances Sauls. We have two children:
John Mark - born July 7, 1964
Aree Oscar - born May 28, 1970

Waylen Len married Gina Ann Scavatta, September 26, 1987. Gina was born July 3, 1962 and is the daughter of Vincent and Marie. They have four children.
Jonathan Vincent - born September 6, 1989
Jeremy Paul - born May 21, 1991
Joshua David - born October 29, 1993
James Waylen - born June 15, 1995

Vicki married Gary Wallace , October 1, 1980. They had one child:
Dustin De Lafayette - born April 18, 1977
Vicki and Richard Kimball had one child:
Thomas Scott - born March 8, 1984
Vicki married Thomas Joseph Walker, May 9, 1992. They have one child:
Andrea Lynn - born August 1, 1990

Steven married Darlene Hammack and they had two children.
Steven Paul - born August 2, 1984
Daniel - born March 6, 1985
Steven and Darline divorced.

Kimberly married Charles Wrenn Jr. They had three children:
Chasity Amber - born October 24, 1982
Charles Wrenn III (Trey) - born September 24, 1986, died October 17, 1987.
Justin Levi - born September 14, 1988
Kim and Charles divorced.

John Mark married Jennifer Tracy Wojciechowski, September 17, 1983. They have three children:
Tierney Renee - born December 23, 1984
Bethany Ayn - born October 31, 1987
Wyeth Joy - born August 9, 1994
John Mark and Jennifer divorced.
John Mark Married Carine Tonia Ramin - August 12, 2003.

Aree Oscar married Sally Francke August 9, 1996. They have two children:
Aree Keon - born July 19, 1999.
Seth Caeden - born June 26, 2001

I will add more information as it comes to me (mentally or by personal contact) and update this section as necessary.


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